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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Here are a few tips on how to have an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season!

Support local business with local products

Serve local & organic snacks from your local farm or co-op.

LED Christmas Lights - These will save 90% electricity & last for 50,000 hours. Check out this website to shop for some lights! The lights they sell are energy star approved and have a life time guarantee!

Buy canvas, hemp, or cotton bags to put presents in - your loved ones can use them as shopping bags after the holidays.

Use recycled gift bags from the previous year or simple brown paper bags that can be decorated. Don't be afraid to ask your family members for their holiday left overs!

Get creative in your gift wrapping- try using fabric, scarfs, recycled tissue paper, or newspaper (We highly recommend the comic section)

Make your gift tags! You can use old Christmas cards, scrap paper to make your own using hemp, or cotton string to tie on. We also recommend these super cool seed paper tags by Cast Paper Art.

Use a live potted tree for your Christmas tree or buy a tree from a local tree farm. 32 Million christmas trees are purchased each year in America. Check out this cool company we found online!

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