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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Here are a few tips on how to have an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season!

Support local business with local products

Serve local & organic snacks from your local farm or co-op.

LED Christmas Lights - These will save 90% electricity & last for 50,000 hours. Check out this website to shop for some lights! The lights they sell are energy star approved and have a life time guarantee!

Buy canvas, hemp, or cotton bags to put presents in - your loved ones can use them as shopping bags after the holidays.

Use recycled gift bags from the previous year or simple brown paper bags that can be decorated. Don't be afraid to ask your family members for their holiday left overs!

Get creative in your gift wrapping- try using fabric, scarfs, recycled tissue paper, or newspaper (We highly recommend the comic section)

Make your gift tags! You can use old Christmas cards, scrap paper to make your own using hemp, or cotton string to tie on. We also recommend these super cool seed paper tags by Cast Paper Art.

Use a live potted tree for your Christmas tree or buy a tree from a local tree farm. 32 Million christmas trees are purchased each year in America. Check out this cool company we found online!

Update On Our Family In India

Zehn Naturals has been supporting a family in India through Speed Trust since early 2008. Through out the year, we get periodic updates on how the family is doing and how our donations are helping. Here are some of the updates.

Lakshmi is a mother of two, and wife to her husband, Nor Kanagaraj, who works in a tea shop. Lakshmi was working as a helper in SPEED Trust but she left the job to properly take care of her family. Her current activity is to make baskets at home for SPEED TRUST.

Tamilarasan, the oldest child, is 6 years old. He had been admitted in U.K.G in Eve Matriculation and received 34th rank in his Quarterly exams, which is average in his studies. He is coming daily to SPEED Trust center. SPEED Trust has paid school for Tamilarasan.

Tamilselvan is the youngest child and is 1 1/2 years old. He is a healthy baby but often affected by a common fever.

The family currently rents the home they live in, but was able to put a downpayment on a house.

Speed Trust is a wonderful organization, and we are honored to work with them. Find out how you can help!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zehn Naturals Adopts A Bat!

We are so excited to announce that we just adopted a bat from the Organization For Bat Conservation!! We just adopted an Exciting Egyptian Fruit Bat! Here is a picture:
Bats are extremely important. Yet due to years of unwarranted human fear and persecution, bats are in alarming decline. As the primary predators of night-flying insects, bats play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. And, as consumers of vast numbers of pests, they rank among humanity’s most valuable allies. A single little brown bat can catch hundreds of mosquito-sized insects an hour, and a typical colony of big brown bats can protect local farmers from the costly attacks of 18 million root-worms each summer. To learn more, click here.

One of artists, Wendie Salmi, designed the Adopt A Bat tee shirt last year and it has continued to gain popularity. As a Zehn artist & devoted Bat Lover, Wendie actually donates all of her royalties back to the Organization For Bat Conservation which has allowed her to adopt several bats along with us. Here is a picture of Wendie at the conservation in 2007, with a bat named Gandolf on her shirt!

Adopt A Bat tees
can be found on our website, and can be purchased at the Organization For Bat Conservation gift shop.

Don't forget, Zehn Naturals plants a tree for every tee sold -- which benefits all of the bats out there!

Importance of Bats Facts were provided by Organization For Bat Conservation.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Zehn Designs!!

We hope everyone is having a delightful summer!! Things are going great at Zehn Naturals headquarters in Keene, NH and we are as busy as ever! We recently launched some new designs we would like to share with you! All of the designs below are printed on our spectacular super soft certified organic cotton tees and are available online!
(psssttt! Free Shipping on ALL online orders!!)

"Locally Grown""Love Peace Freedom" - $28

Yin Yang - $28

Tao - $28

Click here to view our complete t-shirt line!

We also have some new children's designs by our new artist, Amy Dietrich! We are so pleased to have her on board and her designs are literally flying off the shelves!
"Zero Emissions" - $24

"It's Cool To Be Green" - $ 24

Check out the rest of our organic t-shirt line for children!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carbon Neutral Clothing: A step beyond organics

Carbon Neutral Clothing: A step beyond organics

By Alyson Pisani

If you are someone new to “going green” or “being organic” then you may not know that using organic methods to manufacture clothing, or using energy sources that are organically acceptable, are only one facet of protecting the earth through natural means. Where and how these items are produced and manufactured can have a lingering affect on the earth, that slowly but steadily alters the integrity of our global environment.

You may have heard about the carbon foot print we as individuals leave behind, but what about industries, manufacturing companies and large corporations and the footprint they leave, and what is the difference between carbon neutral cotton and organic cotton anyway?

Organic cotton and carbon neutral

Certain standards and methods are required when growing cotton organically. These methods have a much lower impact on the environment than traditional cotton farming, as their focus is to replenish and maintain the soils fertility. Organic processes avoid using most synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers to name a few. These are very important steps to take in protecting our environment, so aren’t they enough, and just how far do we have to go, in order to, “go green”?

Growing cotton organically is only one component when it comes to protecting our environment. Simply put, from the moment the cotton seed is planted to the moment you wear an article of clothing made from it, there are outputs of carbon emissions that can negatively impact our environment. The following negative impacts are beginning to affect many areas of living and our surroundings:

· Weather Patterns- Wild fires caused by dry weather are up 125% above the decade’s average

· Health -Deaths caused by heat waves are on the rise

· Wildlife – Warmer temperatures are causing some polar bears to drown, because they have to swim greater distances to reach ice floes. They are now being considered for the endangered species act.

· Sea Levels and Glaciers -It is currently estimated that at the rate of annually increasing temperatures, all glaciers in glacier national park will be gone by the year 2070.

Once the cotton is grown organically, these carbon outputs can further be reduced by using cleaner manufacturing methods, taking organics to the next level by producing carbon neutral clothing and products.

How do I know if the cotton is carbon neutral?

More and more companies are using alternative energy methods and tracking the amount of carbon invested in their garments. This is called a carbon value, and this value is assigned to each article of clothing. This number is comprised of multiple factors which include the textiles origin and ingredients, as well as the shipping methods used for materials for manufacturing the garment to the end product shipped to the consumer. If you’re not sure, call the company and ask. Most are more than happy to share this information with you.

Eco Fashion is on the rise, and Zehn Naturals are leaders in carbon conscious clothing. Their clothing manufacturer is dedicated to using renewable energy sources and continually strives to achieve carbon neutrality with every single garment produced. Being Organic is just a step; a footprint in the right direction, being carbon neutral is a leap toward a cleaner, brighter and eco-fashionable, friendly future.

The Spirit of Zehn Giving

The Spirit of Zehn Giving

By Alyson Pisani

I never give it much thought when I walk into a store and purchase an article of clothing, about what charitable contributions if any, the company I’m buying from, makes. It’s rare that you come across a company, whose true spirit is that of giving, but once in a while you do, and it makes you feel good to know that a part of your purchase is going to benefit a greater good.

A few months ago, I found Zehn Naturals, a company that sells organic cotton clothing and apparel, whose designs are created and inspired by artists who share a strong commitment to protecting the environment. This really impressed me, but what grabbed me even more, was their spirit of giving. One look at this company and you know exactly where their heart is.

Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree?

Buying a tee shirt doesn’t seem like it would make much of an impact on preserving and protecting our environment, but you would be surprised just how much one little tee shirt and one company with an enormous vision could do. For every tee shirt that gets purchased, this globally conscious company plants a tree, through “Trees for the Future”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring tree cover to rehabilitate the environments of developing communities around the globe. Additionally, 10% of pre-tax profit is donated to a variety of worthy causes. The following organizations are just a few that benefit from the generosity of this company:

· Speed Trust of India – Donations to this organization contributed to the care of an Indian family. A prosthesis for the father, enabled him to return to work and care for his family.

· Multicultural Village Inc.- Teaches villagers, old and young, new ways to resolve conflicts, address violence and be socially responsible by promoting peace building among culturally, geographically, and ethnically diverse groups.

· Antrim Girls Shelter of Antrim NH – An organization dedicated to rehabilitating girls between the ages of 11 – 17 through compassion and education, providing them with all the opportunities to triumph over adversity.

If you’re an art lover, you will appreciate proceeds going to the Colonial Theater of Keene New Hampshire, named in 2004, to the New Hampshire register of historic places. This landmark, not only entertains, but educates as well through workshops for students by broadening their understanding of history, world cultures and literature through performing arts.

A Little “Peace” of Cotton Goes A Long Way!

One little tee. I don’t know too many places where I can dress in unique style, donate to a worthy cause and protect the environment all at the same time. While there are many other organizations that benefit from the generous donations of this company, most impressive is how respectful of the environment Zehn Naturals is when manufacturing their products. Using certified organic cotton and alternative energy sources, they have managed to produce incredibly soft, comfortable products using as little carbon as possible, doing their part to protect and preserve the environment. Producing quality products with integrity and responsibility is a rarity in business today, which is why Zehn Naturals is a leader in organic fashion. Now that’s quite a Tee!

Earth Friendly Artists Get Exposure With Zehn

"A few months ago, I attended the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Boston and I was introduced to some of the most earth friendly, eco tasty, all natural products on the market today.

With over 6000 retailers in attendance, and over 1400 booths, one company for me, really stood out above all the rest, a company that truly defines what natural products are all about. Zehn Naturals is more than just an earth friendly company selling organic apparel and all natural products, but they support the art community by offering environmentally and socially responsible aspiring artists, an opportunity for exposure and recognition.

Eco Artists Wanted

There are so many unique facets to this company, but one that impressed me greatly is that emerging artists are offered an opportunity to gain exposure, by submitting a piece of their artwork for review by the staff. If their piece is selected, their artwork will be printed on tee shirts and apparel made from 100% certified organic cotton, and they will get paid a nominal fee plus royalties for every item that gets sold with their art work on it.

Because being green and earth friendly is a priority for this company, the artists must be environmentally responsible and use eco friendly products for their artwork. The artist who gets selected gets a write up on the website, and each tee shirt gets a tag with the artist’s bio. It’s a perfect scenario for like-minded earth friendly people to join forces, gain exposure and share their gifts and talents.

Going green is becoming increasingly more popular these days, but being earth friendly is not something new for co-owners Tiea Zehnbauer, Hannah E. Carpenter and Len Weldon, who’s appreciation for living simply and organically stems back to early childhood.

Currently, the art of Hannah E. Carpenter is featured in the eco art section of their website, but both women are anxious to support and showcase the works of other earth friendly emerging artists who share the same vision and message.

Art only Mother Nature could love

Not everyone has a talent for art, but if you have a favorite design, message or logo, you can have it put on any one of their many 100% organic cotton tee shirts, canvas or cotton bags. Use Custom Zehn to print your child’s favorite drawing, hand or footprint on your tee, or use it to share a message for someone special. Zehn naturals, appreciates creativity and is the perfect outlet for you to be original and wear your design on your tee. You don’t have to be Picasso; you just need to be imaginative. Zehn Naturals uses water based ink for their printing and will help you in any way they can with your custom printing needs.

So many organic clothing companies are popping up today because going green has almost become fashionable and chic. Zehn Naturals stands out above them ALL, not only because of their integrity, but because their basic philosophy has always been about appreciating the environment and treating it with the utmost respect. Living green is a passion, a way of life not a passing craze. They stand out because they understand the importance of giving back not only to the planet but to people as well and because of that, they will always be a tremendous success."

By Alyson Pisani