Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Is Health & Wellness Month

10% Of All “Stillness Yoga Tee” sales in the month of March will be donated to the Laughing Spirit Yoga Scholarship Fund

Organic Cotton Stillness Yoga Tee

What is Laughing Spirit Yoga?

Laughing Spirit Yoga of Keene, NH has a mission to promote health and wellness through yoga. The Laughing Spirit Yoga Scholarship Fund was created to provide an opportunity for yoga students with limited means.

Why is Yoga important for health & wellness?

Yoga helps people develop a deeper connection to their bodies while simultaneously creating wellness, health, and peace in the community. Those who practice yoga have more energy, stronger muscles, decreased stress and increased flexibility. Yoga practice also builds bone density and increases circulation.

What Can You Do To Promote Health & Wellness?

-Be active & breathe
-Support your local Yoga & Wellness Studio
-Participate in Yoga Day USA (www.yogadayusa.org)
-The Global Mala Project (www.globalmala.org)
-Organize & Participate in Yoga-By-Donation events

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