Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buy Local Month

10% Of All “Locally Grown” tee sales in the month of June
will be donated to the Monadnock Localvores Project

What does “buy local” mean and what are the benefits?

Locally-owned businesses and conscious consumers are working to create an alternative
to corporate globalization by building sustainable local economies. Communities produce
and exchange locally as many products as possible. This supports family owned
businesses and farms, fair wages, and stewardship of the natural environment. The “buy
local” movement redevelops relationships between the food producers and the food

What can you do to help?

Learn about the Monadnock Localvores project:

Support your local farmers markets: www.farmersmarket.com

Find the locavores in your area: www.locavores.com

Read about the Monadnock Buy Local project:

Learn about the 20,000+ entrepreneurs who are building the new economy: www.livingeconomies.org

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