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Monday, October 27, 2008

Zehn Naturals Goes Carbon Neutral

In the upcoming months, all of our certified organic cotton tees will be CARBON NEUTRAL! This is a big environmental change in our line - and we are pretty excited about it! Along with this change comes better sizing, and our tag-free label! Here is some information on what it means to be carbon neutral, but be sure to read more online.


The Carbon Neutral Clothing™ (CNC) certification gives consumers confidence in companies that are aware of the emissions created from clothing production and are actively working to mitigate the effects.


How does CARBON NEUTRAL work?

Each item of clothing is assigned a carbon value or 'CV'. This number is calculated by combining various factors, including the textile's origin and ingredients, the country of manufacture and the final destination. Aside from the resources it takes to manufacture the textiles and garments alone, it often involves shipping of materials to the manufacturer, and of the finished product to the consumer. All of this leads to the release of greenhouse gases. How can you find out what impact your clothing has had on the environment? The CV indicates the approximate amount of CO2 invested in garment. Carbon neutrality is achieved through investments in alternative energy projects based on the environmental impact calculation, such as wind farms.

Our clothing manufacturer has entered into an agreement to continue to purchase renewable energy sources such as wind, hydroelectric power as they have in the past. This manufacturer holds a significant advantage to achieving carbon neutral status for our products since they already employ the use of wind and water power in the production of our products.

CNC is certification devoted to raising awareness of the carbon footprint of clothing production.

How does CNC certification work?

CNC calculates the carbon footprint for each certified garment from its origin. Employing more sustainable production methods and acquiring carbon offsets based on these calculations renders the garment carbon-neutral.

What are carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets were established and given credibility by the Kyoto Protocol as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Reduction projects are validated to ensure that the benefits (offsets) are genuinely "additional" activities that would not be otherwise undertaken. Carbon-offset projects include reforestation, alternative energy, carbon sequestration and other conservation measures.

It is Easy to be Green with Zehn!

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