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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Earth Friendly Artists Get Exposure With Zehn

"A few months ago, I attended the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Boston and I was introduced to some of the most earth friendly, eco tasty, all natural products on the market today.

With over 6000 retailers in attendance, and over 1400 booths, one company for me, really stood out above all the rest, a company that truly defines what natural products are all about. Zehn Naturals is more than just an earth friendly company selling organic apparel and all natural products, but they support the art community by offering environmentally and socially responsible aspiring artists, an opportunity for exposure and recognition.

Eco Artists Wanted

There are so many unique facets to this company, but one that impressed me greatly is that emerging artists are offered an opportunity to gain exposure, by submitting a piece of their artwork for review by the staff. If their piece is selected, their artwork will be printed on tee shirts and apparel made from 100% certified organic cotton, and they will get paid a nominal fee plus royalties for every item that gets sold with their art work on it.

Because being green and earth friendly is a priority for this company, the artists must be environmentally responsible and use eco friendly products for their artwork. The artist who gets selected gets a write up on the website, and each tee shirt gets a tag with the artist’s bio. It’s a perfect scenario for like-minded earth friendly people to join forces, gain exposure and share their gifts and talents.

Going green is becoming increasingly more popular these days, but being earth friendly is not something new for co-owners Tiea Zehnbauer, Hannah E. Carpenter and Len Weldon, who’s appreciation for living simply and organically stems back to early childhood.

Currently, the art of Hannah E. Carpenter is featured in the eco art section of their website, but both women are anxious to support and showcase the works of other earth friendly emerging artists who share the same vision and message.

Art only Mother Nature could love

Not everyone has a talent for art, but if you have a favorite design, message or logo, you can have it put on any one of their many 100% organic cotton tee shirts, canvas or cotton bags. Use Custom Zehn to print your child’s favorite drawing, hand or footprint on your tee, or use it to share a message for someone special. Zehn naturals, appreciates creativity and is the perfect outlet for you to be original and wear your design on your tee. You don’t have to be Picasso; you just need to be imaginative. Zehn Naturals uses water based ink for their printing and will help you in any way they can with your custom printing needs.

So many organic clothing companies are popping up today because going green has almost become fashionable and chic. Zehn Naturals stands out above them ALL, not only because of their integrity, but because their basic philosophy has always been about appreciating the environment and treating it with the utmost respect. Living green is a passion, a way of life not a passing craze. They stand out because they understand the importance of giving back not only to the planet but to people as well and because of that, they will always be a tremendous success."

By Alyson Pisani

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