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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Spirit of Zehn Giving

The Spirit of Zehn Giving

By Alyson Pisani

I never give it much thought when I walk into a store and purchase an article of clothing, about what charitable contributions if any, the company I’m buying from, makes. It’s rare that you come across a company, whose true spirit is that of giving, but once in a while you do, and it makes you feel good to know that a part of your purchase is going to benefit a greater good.

A few months ago, I found Zehn Naturals, a company that sells organic cotton clothing and apparel, whose designs are created and inspired by artists who share a strong commitment to protecting the environment. This really impressed me, but what grabbed me even more, was their spirit of giving. One look at this company and you know exactly where their heart is.

Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree?

Buying a tee shirt doesn’t seem like it would make much of an impact on preserving and protecting our environment, but you would be surprised just how much one little tee shirt and one company with an enormous vision could do. For every tee shirt that gets purchased, this globally conscious company plants a tree, through “Trees for the Future”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring tree cover to rehabilitate the environments of developing communities around the globe. Additionally, 10% of pre-tax profit is donated to a variety of worthy causes. The following organizations are just a few that benefit from the generosity of this company:

· Speed Trust of India – Donations to this organization contributed to the care of an Indian family. A prosthesis for the father, enabled him to return to work and care for his family.

· Multicultural Village Inc.- Teaches villagers, old and young, new ways to resolve conflicts, address violence and be socially responsible by promoting peace building among culturally, geographically, and ethnically diverse groups.

· Antrim Girls Shelter of Antrim NH – An organization dedicated to rehabilitating girls between the ages of 11 – 17 through compassion and education, providing them with all the opportunities to triumph over adversity.

If you’re an art lover, you will appreciate proceeds going to the Colonial Theater of Keene New Hampshire, named in 2004, to the New Hampshire register of historic places. This landmark, not only entertains, but educates as well through workshops for students by broadening their understanding of history, world cultures and literature through performing arts.

A Little “Peace” of Cotton Goes A Long Way!

One little tee. I don’t know too many places where I can dress in unique style, donate to a worthy cause and protect the environment all at the same time. While there are many other organizations that benefit from the generous donations of this company, most impressive is how respectful of the environment Zehn Naturals is when manufacturing their products. Using certified organic cotton and alternative energy sources, they have managed to produce incredibly soft, comfortable products using as little carbon as possible, doing their part to protect and preserve the environment. Producing quality products with integrity and responsibility is a rarity in business today, which is why Zehn Naturals is a leader in organic fashion. Now that’s quite a Tee!

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